Connecting Buyers and Sellers™

What Can We Help You Do?



We work diligently to establish trust through transparency, integrity, professionalism, and honesty with entrepreneurs, bankers, and other advisors. To us, this is paramount, for without trust and confidence there can be neither a relationship nor success.



Proper planning and execution is crucial and resonates in all work in which we engage. We provide clients with focused marketing strategies, drafts of agreements and research in industry sectors aligned with their objectives. This is how we close deals.



Connecting our clients to the ideal Buyer/Seller Candidate provides a “Win/Win Outcome.” In addition to planning and vetting the prospective candidate, we strive to “spark” the connection between parties to close deals.

Representative Transactions

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We will find the most value for your company.


We are BlackRose Advisors

BlackRose Advisors specializes in private corporate transactions. If you have reached the stage of business growth that you feel it may be the time to sell, we will work to find the most value for your company by presenting a well-qualified pool of buyers.

Additionally, because of our extensive network, we occasionally represent buyers who are looking for strategic acquisitions. We have experience in successfully closing both types of transactions across a number of sectors. The origins of our firm are deeply rooted in the oil and gas industry, but we are rapidly expanding into other sectors including health care, defense, maritime, aerospace and industrials.